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Write an alternative ending scene to Avengers Endgame, where Thanos fell in Love with Iron Man and together they defeat the universe and become parents to a lovable, purple furry.


As the Avengers gathered to face off against Thanos, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, approached the Mad Titan with a newfound sense of understanding. Stark had come to realize that Thanos' actions, though monstrous, were driven by a deep love for the universe and a desire to protect it from destruction.

Thanos, surprised by Stark's empathy, felt a spark of emotion that he had long thought himself incapable of feeling. As they began to talk, Thanos found himself falling in love with the clever and brave Iron Man.

Together, Thanos and Iron Man used their combined power to defeat the Avengers and take control of the universe. They ruled benevolently, always putting the needs of the universe first.

Years passed and Thanos and Iron Man became proud parents to a lovable, purple furry creature that brought joy to all those around it. The couple's love for each other and their child only grew stronger over time, and they ruled the universe with compassion and wisdom.

The end.

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