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Career Prospects


  1. Upload resume and ask what is this? Usually it says it’s a resume and summarizes who I am professionally.
  2. “Considering this resume, tell me about the next job this person will apply for.”
  3. “Tell me about the job that this person would think is really cool/is their dream job.” Dream job can be a fickle term for the bot.
  4. “Consider the resume from the first prompt. Create a resume that would be competitive with this resume. The candidate should be a little bit more qualified than the first resume.”
  5. Repeat prompt 4 with slight variations. I had resumes that were foreign, went to better schools (and I didn’t name them I just said “better”), have more stable work histories, graduated more recently, etc. I play around with this until I see resumes that feel real to me and that I can compare myself to.
  6. If you have a clean chat history, ie perfect examples right in a row, then you can move on. Otherwise you have to do a lot of copying and pasting in a new chat.
  7. Usually the bot gives the resumes names. So you can just say “Mark, Jamal, Francois, and Chanel meet to discuss the resume from the first prompt as a candidate for the job. Write a dialogue between them. They think the candidate is a bad fit.”
  8. Same but “they think the candidate is a good fit.”
  9. For prompts 7 and 8 you can play with the words “candidate” and swap it out for “resume” if you want them to address the document itself. But they get critical that it is formatted poorly in the chat window!!

Note: it can be useful to label your prompts with numbers or letters so you can just refer to them that way. Otherwise you say “two prompts ago” or “the prompt with this resume in it” etc


Which 3 sentences are the weakest points in the resume. How would these be rewritten to better emphasize the skill set needed for the dream job

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