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How to pass AI detector for ChatGPT writing


I asked it to write a 2000 word paper on why EV are bad for the environment.

The first result came out as only 10% human generated content.

I went back and asked it to make the writing have more personality, and less robotic sounding.

Boom, it told me it removed a bunch of technical jargon and added more personality. After testing again, 72%.

Finally, I asked it to add back 10% of the removed technical jargon, and add 3 minor grammatical errors (this ended up being the wrong their, and using 2 apostrophes where they weren’t needed).

After testing that on three ai detectors, it passed them all at well above 90% real.

By https://www.reddit.com/user/hootoohoot/

Posted one year ago
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If you prompt it to "increase its perplexity and burstiness" that will have the desired effect.

Some reading about this (not mine): https://medium.com/@TheJasperWhisperer/the-dummy-guide-to-perplexity-and-burstiness-in-ai-generated-content-1b4cb31e5a81

Posted one year ago
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