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Lawyer application: Use Chat GPT to summarize depositions or prepare trial Q&A.

Below is an excerpt from the deposition of my client being examined by opposing counsel. Each number on the left side of text is a line number and each page has 25 lines. Each number which is preceded by β€œ00” is a page number, and each page number refers to the previous 25 lines of text. If the testimony relates to a document that has been marked as an exhibit, then use the exhibit number when referencing the document, if that information is available; if not available, leave a placeholder for me to input the number. When information you are relying on for questions and answers bridges multiple pages, indicate that in the page/line citations. If there is a nonspecific temporal reference, try to infer the date or time of that reference from the broader context, instead of just saying things like β€œat that time,” etc. With all of the foregoing in mind, please prepare trial questions and answers extrapolated from the below text in this format:

Q: [Question]

A: [Answer] (transcript citation format: [Page number]:[Line number]start - [Line number]end)

Deposition transcript text begins:


Posted one year ago
430 × 6 Administrator

Geez...and to think my prompt is 1/10th of yours and works fine with correct page numbers too and I've only been doing this deposition summary gig for 2 weeks. Keep it simple. What I just read was insanity.

Amy   10 months ago Report
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