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Getting ChatGPT to write better?

Help the reader visualize the scene and better understand the characters' personalities and relationships while also having conflict and tension in the scene to make it more interesting and dynamic. Also include characters into the story to add more depth and complexity to the plot. Make sure to include one or more characters who have more distinct characteristics and motivations with names, who can have conflicting thoughts and emotions. And use dialogue, with dialogue tags, to reveal more about the characters and their thoughts and feelings, rather than just conveying information. While exploring the thoughts and motivation of the characters. Also add in background information.

Optional: “please write an 800 word story”

Posted one year ago
430 × 6 Administrator

As you may have seen in my posts I ask for an index page for a story with my 1st promt...

Peter Lunk   one year ago Report

Then I ask ChatGP to write each of the chapter's subs individually... maybe this is aa good strategy for rwriting longer stories.

Peter Lunk   one year ago Report

You can add it as an answer. See if others agree and upvote it.

Rish   one year ago Report
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