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A website from scratch

I want you to write an HTML page using the TailwindCSS library, including the Tailwind CDN.

Here's the specification:

  • The page has five sections (nav-section, url-section, download-section, code-section, footer-section)

  • Page uses Poppins font

  • Nav section has a purple (#937ee3) color with a big text in the middle which shows "prerender.xyz"

  • The URL section is composed of a search box colored (#302e3b) with a button directly attached to it with color (#16c9b3) with a button text "DEBUG", on top of the search bar is a text "Enter a URL to test for rendering", then directly below the search bar are text "Width" followed by a text box colored #1c1f28 the same for "Height" and "Width"

  • The download section is composed of an image container of a screenshot of a rendered website, with a download link below the image to download the image, on the right are two boxes stack horizontally colored #937ee3 with the top box having the big text "100 KB" and a small title text for that "Page Size", then the bottom box is similar but with title text "Prerender Time" and big text "10s"

  • The code section is a code editor container of HTML code. With the container color #302e3b.

  • The footer section is just a simple big text centered with text "Made with (heart sign) ChatGPT"

I want you to share the code in sections. Let's start with the nav-section

(from there I copied the code from ChatGPT section by section, if you ask ChatGPT for the whole source code, it gets truncated all the time so it's not worth to spit out large texts)

ps. I did not edit any HTML/CSS, this is pure ChatGPT output.

Posted one year ago
430 × 6 Administrator
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