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Terminal Velocity

How long does it take a 115 pound skydiver to reach terminal velocity after exiting an aircraft at 14,000 feet?

Posted one year ago
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The time it takes for a skydiver to reach terminal velocity depends on several factors, such as their body position and the size of their parachute. However, in general, it takes approximately 10-15 seconds for a skydiver to reach terminal velocity after exiting an aircraft at 14,000 feet.

Terminal velocity is defined as the maximum speed that a falling object can achieve when air resistance equals the force of gravity pulling the object down. For most skydivers in freefall position, this occurs at around 120 mph or 176 fps (feet per second).

Assuming no external factors affecting air resistance or any other elements of physics come into play then we could say that after taking all steps necessary precautions: It would take about 10 -15 Secs for someone weighing 115 lbs i.e., like you to reach Terminal Velocity while Sky Diving from an Aircraft flying at an altitude of around ~14k ft!

Posted one year ago
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